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Borescope Inspection for Full Video Record, AOG, and 8130-3 Dual FAA / EASA Release for the following types, FAA Capabilities List:

  1. CFM LEAP-1A & LEAP-1B Series (NEW!)
  2. GE GEnx-1B/2B Series
  3. CFM (GE/Snecma) CFM56 Series
  4. GE CF6-50/80 Series
  5. GE CF34 Series
  6. GE CT7 Series
  7. GE90 Series
  8. International Aero Engines V2500 Series
  9. Pratt & Whitney PW2000 Series
  10. Pratt & Whitney PW4000 Series
  11. Pratt & Whitney JT8D Series
  12. Pratt & Whitney JT9D Series
  13. Pratt & Whitney JT8D Nine-Can Inspection
  14. Rolls Royce RB211 Series
  15. Rolls Royce AE3007
  16. Plus most commercial aircraft APUs

We also provide an ideal service for lease returns of a full video graphic record for owner/customer reference. You can control the transaction, call us now!

Inspection Report<- Click to see a sample

The future of Borescope Reporting is here, and its only available from AeroEd!

Aeroed Inspection Services has developed the ultimate tool for high speed digital delivery of Borescope Reports to our customers - and their customers - all around the world!

We perform inspections for industrial applications such as gas turbine cogeneration and maritime gas turbine power. Remote visual inspections primarily for for Aviation (Part 145 Repair Station), also HVAC applications, construction, engineering inspections, and mechanical diagnostics for internal combustion engines.

AIS is one of the very first FAA 145 Air Agency Certificate / EASA holders to add the CFM LEAP Engine Borescope Inspection to its Capabilities List.



Current Special Inspections:

Available on Request


Certain Terms and Conditions apply, including but not limited to: Business Class Airfare is required for international (outside the US) travel with total duration of 10 hours or more. Click Here for Details.


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  CFR TITLE 14 FAA Part 145 Repair Station with Limited Powerplant Rating for Borescope Inspection.