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Federal Aviation Administration

AeroEd was awarded its Air Agency Certificate on May 22, 2006 and the certificate holding office is FSDO 23/KROC.

AeroEd's Ops Spec allows a unique approach to serving our customers. Our D100 Authorization allows us to go to where our customers need their inspection performed and our reporting capabilities deliver the results faster than anyone has been able to do it before. Part 145 and Part 121 require that any work performed be by personnel that are on an approved quality plan. If needed, we are happy to work with you on whatever compliance issues are required in your manual for us to perform your borescope inspections. Click picture below to download...

FAA Air Agency Certificate O64R443Y and EASA Approval 145.6161

FAA Diamond Award

The FAA Charles Taylor Award.
Presented to Bill White



585-935-7239  -  1580 ELMWOOD AVE 2nd Floor- ROCHESTER, NY 14620
Our Training Company
  CFR TITLE 14 FAA Part 145 Repair Station with Limited Powerplant Rating for Borescope Inspection.